Wild Aware Utah

WAU is a non-advocacy conservation program working through collaborative effort to provide proactive education to minimize conflict between people and wildlife.

Be Aware

- Identify and Understand - The first step in handling a conflict with wildlife is to identify and understand a bit about the animal that is causing the problem.


Knowing some basic facts about wildlife and taking a few simple steps can help you prevent many of the most common wildlife-related problems.


Living and recreating in Utah means we share our environment with wildlife. Download tips and learn how to avoid conflicts with wildlife. Share with friends, family and neighbors!

Wild Aware Utah is an education program providing Utah residents and visitors with wildlife awareness and safety information.

Why is the Wild Aware Utah program needed?

As the human – wildlife interface expands through housing and other developments throughout Utah, rural areas are becoming more urbanized. And with outdoor recreation becoming increasingly popular, there’s a rise in citizens concerned about how to be safe in these areas. As Utah continues to grow, and as humans and wildlife compete for space, the number of conflicts will increase.

The goal of the Wild Aware Utah program is to create awareness throughout Utah that will foster new attitudes towards wildlife and motivate behavior changes in people, resulting in minimizing conflicts with Utah wildlife.

Wildlife Bugging You?


Danger or nuisance? The first step in handling a conflict with wildlife is to learn more about common human-wildlife interactions and how to manage them.

Wildlife Emergency

Here are numbers to call if a wildlife conflict poses immediate danger for the animal or people in the area.

Take Action

Show you care. Learn how to volunteer, make a donation to the program or to inquire about scheduling a presentation.

Utah’s Hogle Zoo, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) and Utah State University (USU) have partnered to develop tools to educate individuals and communities about how to live, work, and recreate safely in wildlife habitats in Utah. Wild Aware Utah will provide simple guidance and direction for Utah communities through these three main messages:

The Wild Aware Utah program does not take positions on wildlife issues or policies. The materials are designed to be fact-based, neutral and applicable throughout Utah.

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