Living and recreating in Utah means that we share our environment with wildlife, which can lead to conflicts. How would you respond if you encountered a bear while hiking, or if you had a moose eating your bushes? Would you be surprised to see a cougar in the area?

Here are some tips to safely share Utah with our unique wildlife:

  • Never approach or try to touch wildlife.
  • Never feed wildlife.
  • Remove attractants from your property, including pet food, water sources, bird feeders and fallen fruit.
  • Always hike, jog or bike with a companion; make noise to alert wildlife of your presence.
  • Never leave children or pets unattended.
  • Keep dogs leashed, especially when on trails.
  • Secure trash in a locked receptacle.
  • Contain pets and livestock at night.
  • Trim vegetation around your property, and close off crawl spaces to reduce hiding places.
  • Keep a clean, odor free campsite.
  • Educate your neighbors and family about wildlife conflict prevention.

Knowing some basic facts about wildlife and taking a few simple steps can help you prevent many common wildlife-related problems.

Utah is home to an abundance of wildlife. It can be exciting to see wildlife, but remember to observe from a safe distance. If you want to spot animals without disturbing them, you could consider setting up trail cameras to get a proper insight into animals in their natural habitat. Always give the animal a clear escape route. Do not crowd the animal; doing so could make the animal stressed and unpredictable.

Before calling authorities, read the appropriate materials available on the Be aware page to learn of ways you can reduce the potential for conflicts with wildlife.

Know when to call authorities: If you see an animal, you don’t necessarily need to call authorities. Animals may be active where they are normally found.

You should call: If the animal is acting threatening, aggressive, destroying property, occupying an area in a human development (e.g., under a porch) or otherwise acting odd.

Additional tips

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