Wild Aware Utah materials and programs are free. To volunteer, make a donation to the Wild Aware Utah program or schedule a presentation, please contact us.

Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our efforts!

To obtain hardcopies of our safety brochures, make a donation to the program or to inquire about scheduling a presentation, please contact us.

Wild Aware Utah Presentations:

Representatives from Utah’s Hogle Zoo may be available to conduct wildlife awareness education presentations for schools, scout troops, and summer camps.  

Power Point Presentations available as of 2018:

Living With Wildlife for Grades 1-5. This general wildlife safety program addresses appropriate Utah Science Standards)

Program Policies:

  • This 60 minute program will include opportunities for your students to explore and touch pelts, skulls and live animals.
  • This program is $50 per program. We can take cash or check the day of the program, and card can be done over the phone.
  • One instructor can present up to three times a day.
  • Program must be within a 75-mile radius of Utah’s Hogle Zoo.
  • Reservations must be made at least 4 weeks in advance – we book quickly!
  • Maximum of 30 participants per session.
  • Presenter(s) will arrive 30 minutes prior to the first class for set up.
  • The classroom teacher is not permitted to leave the room during the presentation.

Programs Require:

  • An adult representative to be present at all times during a program that includes children to handle behavioral management.
  • If a PowerPoint presentation is part of the program, the requesting school or scoutstroop needs to provide a working projector.

Wild Aware Utah programs may include: 

  • Bio-facts and visual displays
  • Supervised interaction with Ambassador Animal(s) for paid presentations by Utah’s Hogle

Please note: Animals must be requested at the time of booking. There is no guarantee which ambassador animals will be available for the presentation but all animals will correspond with the topic of human/wildlife conflict avoidance.

Prohibited during programs:

  • Food or drink.
  • Other school activities during setup or presentation.
  • Classroom animals or pets if Zoo Animal Ambassadors are present.

Welcome to Utah Wildlife Country

image004 Download Welcome to Utah Wildlife Country brochure. (PDF)

As people who live and recreate in Utah, you are in a unique position to make a real difference for wildlife. What you do really does matter.

Human development and recreation in wildlife habitat can create conflict between people and animals. When wild animals come into your yard or neighborhood, they have simply found something they need for survival such as food, water or shelter.

Minimizing conflicts is more effective when the entire neighborhood works together. Prevention is the first step!

Remove attractants around your property:

  • Restrict wildlife’s access to attractants by fencing gardens, compost piles and ponds.
  • Install chimney caps and close off crawl spaces.
  • Secure trash in a container with a locking lid or put your trash out on the morning of pick up.
  • Pick up fallen fruit and ripened vegetables.
  • Trim vegetation around your yard to reduce hiding places.
  • As a deterrent, install outdoor lighting, motion-sensitive lighting and noise makers around your property.
  • Supervise pets when they are outside and keep them secured inside at night.
  • Remove bird feeders. (Or if you want a bird feeder, only feed during the winter and keep fallen seed picked up).
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