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As someone who lives and recreates in Utah, you are in a unique position to care and make a real difference for wildlife. What you do really does matter.

Human development and recreation in wildlife habitat can create conflict between people and animals. When wild animals come into your yard or neighborhood, they have simply found something they need for survival such as food, water or shelter.

Minimizing conflicts is more effective when the entire neighborhood works together. Prevention is the first step!

Remove Attractants Around Your Property

  • Restrict wildlife’s access to attractants by fencing gardens, compost piles and ponds.
  • Install chimney caps and close off crawl spaces.
  • Secure trash in a container with a locking lid or put your trash out on the morning of pick up.
  • Pick up fallen fruit and ripened vegetables.
  • Trim vegetation around your yard to reduce hiding places.
  • As a deterrent, install downward shielded outdoor lighting, motion-sensitive lighting and noise makers around your property.
  • Supervise pets when they are outside and keep them secured inside at night.
  • Remove bird feeders. (Or, if you still want a bird feeder, only feed during the winter and keep fallen seed picked up.)


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