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Wild Aware Utah representatives routinely give free wildlife awareness programs to schools, home owner associations, community groups, clubs, scout troops, church groups, tourists, recreation enthusiasts and more. Wild Aware Utah representatives often make guest appearances on local television and radio programs. Wild Aware Utah information has been featured in many local newspaper and magazine articles. Here are some examples:

Partner Agency of the Year

Hogle Zoo has been a crucial part of UDWR’s Wildlife education component. They developed a ‘living with wildlife’ program, known as Wild Aware Utah, which seeds to create awareness throughout Utah that would foster new attitudes toward wildlife and motivate behavior changes in people, thus minimizing conflicts with Utah wildlife. They also play a vital role in amphibian conservation throughout Utah. Not only do they address amphibian conservation through displays and educational content at their facilities, they also partner with the Division to actively manage amphibian populations. Hogle Zoo lead the development of the Amphibians of Utah smart phone app. which includes a field guide to state’s amphibians and provides a reporting function to enable citzen scientists to provide amphibian occurrence data to the Division.

Pictured are Greg Sheehan Director of UDWR, Stephanie Jochum-Natt WAU Founder and Liz Larsen Utah’s Hogle Zoo Conservation Coordinator

SLC Mayor Ralph Becker, Stephanie Jochum-Natt, and Andree Walker Bravo

Utah Society of Environmental Education (USEE) awards Wild Aware Utah the Utah Environmental Education Program of the Year 2015 at their annual conference.

Pictured are SLC Mayor Ralph Becker, Stephanie Jochum-Natt, and Andree Walker Bravo.


April 2015 – Bear safety information on KNRS with Abby Bonell


May 7th, 2015 – Utah Public Radio interview with Wild Aware Utah’s founder Stephanie Natt.

Topic: Bears are coming out of hibernation, looking for food.

August 15th, 2014 – Utah Public Radio interview with Mark Natt and Stephanie Jochum-Natt about the little things that you can do to make a difference while hiking.


July 29, 2014 – Listen to Mark Natt from Wild Aware Utah on KPCW Park City The Local View with Host Randy Barton.


April 13, 2012 – Listen to Wild Aware Utah partners on KPCW in Park City, Utah talking about living with wildlife in the spring.


June 12, 2013 – Listen to Stephanie Jochum-Natt from Utah’s Hogle Zoo on KVNU talking about wildlife.


FOX 13  January 5th 2018

There just might be more deer and moose living in Utah than there are people, which is why it’s important to know a thing or two about them.

FOX 13  November 22nd 2016

Stephanie Jochum-Natt with Wild Aware Utah and the Hogle Zoo tells us about all things deer.

FOX 13  June 13th 2016

Stephanie Jochum-Natt with the Hogle Zoo and Wild Aware Utah tells us what to do if you happen to see a snake.

FOX 13 The Place June 7th 2016

FOX 13’s  Brooke Graham talks with Stephanie Jochum-Natt, founder of Wild Aware Utah, about what you can do if you encounter animals in the wild, or right in your neighborhood.

FOX 13 The Place May 6, 2016

FOX 13 asked the experts what to do if you find a baby bird or fallen nest. Stephanie Jochum-Natt is a senior keeper at Hogle Zoo and founder of Wild Aware Utah. She shares a few simple tips to keep you and baby birds safe this Spring.

ABC4 Good For Utah Do the Right Thing January 2015 Winner from Les Schwab.

January’s Do The Right Thing winner is Stephanie Jochum-Natt.  Stephanie has created the Wild Aware Utah education program. Though this program, people are able to learn how to minimize conflicts with Utah’s wildlife.

September 30, 2012 – Watch Wild Aware Utah’s Stephanie Jochum-Natt on KSTU Fox 13 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Talking about the Wild Aware Utah program.



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