Vole Facts

Vole Facts

VoleWhat does a vole look like?
  • They are pudgy with small eyes, short ears and legs and a short, thin tail.
  • Their fur is dense and is greyish to brownish in color.
How big are they?
  • Voles reach a length of 5 to 7 inches at maturity.
Where do they live?
  • They are widely distributed throughout the various ecosystems of Utah.
What do they eat?
  • Grass and grass seed is their primary food source. They will also eat fruit trees, bulbs and tubers.
What eats them?

Did you know?


  • Some people call voles “meadow mice”.
  • There are eight species of voles in Utah.
  • They can have one to five litters per year.
  • They are active throughout the day and do not hibernate during winter.
  • As so many predators will hunt voles, an increase in the vole population will bring an increase of predators, including snakes. To help reduce the population it is best to reduce their habitat by keeping your property clean and well maintained. Take out any weeds and keep the lawn mowed.
Threats to voles: