Pocket Gopher Facts

Pocket Gopher Facts

Pocket GopherWhat does a gopher look like?
  • They have yellowish-colored incisors, front teeth. These are always exposed, even when the mouth is closed
  • The color of their fur ranges from light brown to almost black and they have short, hairless tails.
How big are they?
  • Their length varies. They may measure anything between 6 – 13 inches
Where do they live?
  • Gophers are fossorial, meaning that they spend most of their lives underground.
What do they eat?
  • Gophers are herbivores. They eat mostly roots and bulbs, and sometimes stems and leaves.
What eats them?
  • Snakes, coyotes, skunks, owls and other raptors. They are also preyed upon by domestic cats.

Did you know?

Pocket Gopher

  • Gophers are sometimes confused with moles. Moles are smaller and lack cheek pouches.
  • Their short, hairless tail is very sensitive and is used to help guide them when they are backing into a tunnel.
  • They have been responsible for damage to underground utility cables and irrigation pipes.
Threats to gophers:                                                                                    

Gophers are able to live bath in rural and urban settings. Domestic cats are a threat to them, but currently their population is stable.