Crows and Raven Facts

RavenPhoto by Eric Peterson

Crow and Raven Facts

RavenWhat does a crow and raven look like?
  • Crows have black plumage, and have broad wings and a short, fan-shape tail.
  • Ravens also have black plumage, a heavy bill, long narrow wings and a wedge shaped tail.
How big are they?
  • Crows weigh up to 1 pound.
  • Ravens weigh up to 2.6 pounds.
Where do they live?
  • Crows are found in open habitats, such as agricultural areas and towns.
  • Ravens are also found in open habitats as well as forests.
  • Both species do well in areas inhabited by people.
What do they eat?
  • They eat a variety of food, including small animals, insects, plant matter and carrion. This makes them important to the ecosystem as they are the “cleaning crew” of the natural world.
What eats them?

Did you know?

American Crow

  • Crows make a loud “caw, caw” or “awk” sound, while ravens calls include “Croooaaaak,” “cr-r-ruck,” “tok” and “wonk-wonk.”
  • Crows are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
  • Crows and ravens are both apart of the corvid family.
  • Both species can mimic human speech.
Threats to crows and ravens:
  • Conflicts with crows and ravens occur frequently and they are often considered pests.
  • Both species are highly intelligent and very curious, which gets them into trouble with people.