Bobcat Facts

BobcatPhoto by Eric Peterson

Bobcat Facts

What does a bobcat look like?Bobcat
  • Their coloration can vary from light grey to buff brown or reddish brown.
  • They have short tufts on the tips of their ears and short tails.
How big are they?
  • Adults may weigh 12 – 30 pounds.
  • They can be up to 41 inches tall.
Where do they live?
  • Bobcats are found in many different habitats across Utah, from deserts and forests to swamps and grasslands.
What do they eat?
  • Bobcats, like all cats are carnivores. The main prey of bobcat’s are rabbits, but they will feed on whatever prey is most abundant, including birds, rodents, reptiles, small mammals and carrion.
What eats them?

Did you know?


  • Bobcats, like all cats except lions, are solitary.
  • Bobcats are crepuscular, which means they are mainly active at dawn and dusk but are sometimes seen during the day.
Threats to bobcat:
  • Habitat loss.