Black Bear Facts

Black BearPhoto by Steve Gray UDWR

Black Bear Facts

What does a black bear look like?
  • Despite their name, black bears can be anywhere from black to red to blond.
  • Black bears are the only bears that live in Utah, but one way to tell the difference between a black and brown bear is that a black bear’s snout is straight and usually lighter in color than the rest of their body. They also have large pointed ears and lack a shoulder hump.
Black BearHow big are they?
  • Black bears are typically 4.5-6 feet long and are 3 feet at shoulder height.
  • Females weigh between 100-500 pounds. Males weigh between 100-900 pounds.
Where do they live?
  • Black bears prefer to live in forested areas that have good places to make dens.
  • They are sometimes seen near the edges of suburban areas.
What do they eat?
  • Black bears are omnivores. They eat nuts, roots, berries, insects, mice, fish, and other small mammals.
What eats them?
  • Adult male black bears and grizzly bears will prey on black bear cubs.

Did you know?

Black Bear

  • Black bears are good climbers and can run up to 25 miles per hour.
  • Although a black bear can spend up to three months in its den living off stored body fat, it is not a true hibernator. If disturbed, it can instantly wake up. Female bears will also give birth and take care of cubs while taking shelter in the den.
  • Cubs are born blind and hairless. They remain in the den during the spring and can survive on their own at eighteen months of age.
Threats to black bears:

Black bears major threats are habitat fragmentation, poaching, logging and human encroachment.