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Wild Aware Utah has free resources for Teachers and other Educators found throughout  our website. We have compiled some materials here for your use. We also provide classroom presentations.

NEW! Baby Animal Quiz.

Are You Wild Aware? Match Utah wildlife babies with the adults they will become.

Coming soon… Utah Wildlife Fact Sheets

Activity Sheets:

 Make a Wildlife Puzzle (PDF)

 Matching Deer Activity Sheet (PDF)

 Coexisting With Wildlife Word Search Activity (PDF)

 Coyote Word Search by Oracle (PDF)

Deseret News Classroom Connections

Deseret News- Heather Tuttle

Classroom Connections - Mule Deer  Deseret News Cougar 2016  2015 May Deseret news article

ConnectBats classroom-connections

Flash Cards:

NEW! Hiking and Camping Wildlife Safety Flash Cards (PDF)

 Snake Program – Flash Cards (PDF)

 Snake Safety Flash Cards – Talking Points (PDF)

 Schedule a Classroom (Grades 1-5) Program

Our Wild Aware Utah program connects you to Utah animals and conservation without ever leaving the classroom! This unique classroom program explores some of the many species of wildlife and habitats found in the state of Utah as well as how to live safely around wildlife.

Wild Aware Utah Program

A trained educator will present information about Utah animals and habitats using biofacts — skulls, feathers and pelts to your students. The program meets the Utah State core curriculum.To find out if this program is right for you, please review the information below:

 Program Policies:

  • This 60 minute program will include opportunities for your students to explore and touch pelts, skulls and live animals.
  • This program is $50 per program. We can take cash or check the day of the program, and card can be done over the phone.
  • One instructor can present up to three times a day.
  • Program must be within a 75-mile radius of Utah’s Hogle Zoo.
  • Reservations must be made at least 4 weeks in advance – we book quickly!
  • Maximum of 30 participants per session.
  • Presenter(s) will arrive 30 minutes prior to the first class for set up.
  • The classroom teacher is not permitted to leave the room during the presentation.

 Outreach Presenters Will Need:

  • An adult representative in the class at all times during the program.
  • A PowerPoint presentation is part of the program. We require you to provide a working projector to facilitate this program.

 The Following Are NOT Allowed:

  • Food or drink.
  • Other activities during setup or presentation.

This program is appropriate for cub scout pack meetings. At this time we cannot visit assisted living centers. If you would like to schedule a program or have any other further questions please call the Outreach Coordinator at 801-584-1763.

The Wild Aware Utah program (WAU) is a non-advocacy conservation program working through collaborative effort to provide proactive education to minimize conflict between people and wildlife must be at same location on same day to receive the multiple-session price. Payment is required on the day of the program.