For Kids

The Wild Aware Utah program has materials, presentations and activities available to teach kids about Utah’s wildlife. Providing kids with information about Utah wildlife can foster a new appreciation for animals and the outdoors as well as empowering kids with the knowledge and confidence to avoid conflicts with wildlife.

Looking for activities for kids?  Here are some ideas.

 NEW! Baby Animal Quiz. Are You Wild Aware? Match Utah wildlife babies with the adults they will become.

 Bear Aware Coloring Book (PDF)

 Bear Aware Kids Brochure (PDF)

 Make a Wildlife Puzzle (PDF)

 Matching Deer Activity Sheet (PDF)

 Please Don’t Feed the Deer Activity Sheet (PDF)

 Coexisting With Wildlife Word Search Activity (PDF)

 Moose Coloring Sheet (PDF)

 Coyote Word Search by Oracle (PDF)

 Bat Mobile Activity National Wildlife Federation (PDF)

 Create Your Own Antlers Activity National Wildlife Federation (PDF)

 “Paw”pourri Game Puzzler (PDF)

Hey kids check out this video to hear the various sounds that wild animals make!