Share the Wild

Wild Aware Utah supplies a variety of free educational materials to the public. The PDF’s of our materials, videos and photos are perfect for educators, kids, scout troops, and anyone wishing to solve or prevent human-wildlife conflict.

Share the Wild

The best way to avoid conflicts with wildlife is to prevent them from developing in the first place.

Please download and share.

General Utah Wildlife Safety

 Welcome to Utah Wildlife Country brochure.

 General Brochure – Espanol.

Hiking and Camping Safety Tips

 Clean Camping Flyer

 Wild Aware Campsite Postcard


 Baby Bird Flyer


 Utah Bats Poster

 Living With Bats Flyer

 Bat House Plans from Bat Conservation International

 Criteria for Successful Bat Houses


 Welcome to Bear Country

 Living With Bears Brochure [Utah’s Hogle Zoo]

 Learn how to Identify Bear Sign, Identify damage and Conflict Prevention

 Bear Biology and Ecology  [UDWR]

 Bear Spray User Guide form Center for Wildlife Information

 Bear Spray Poster


 Welcome to Beaver Country brochure [WAU]

 Beaver Biology & Ecology [UDWR]

 Beaver Sign, Identify Damage and Conflict Prevention

 Avoid Conflicts with Beavers from Grand Canyon Trust


 Living With Badgers

Utah Birds of Prey

 How to Protect Raptors and Avoid Conflicts

 Bald Eagle Biology and Ecology [UDWR]

 Burrowing Owls Biology and Ecology [UDWR]

 Wintering Raptors for Pest Control on Farmland [USUCE]


 Living with Bobcats


 Welcome to Cougar Country [WAU]

 Welcome to Cougar Country Flyer [WAU]


 Cougar Biology & Ecology [UDWR]

 Living With Cougars [Hogle Zoo]


 Coyote Biology & Ecology [WAU]

 Learn the differences between the wild and domestic canids

 Welcome to Coyote Country Brochure [WAU]

 Coyote Country Safety Flyer [WAU]


 Elk Biology & Ecology [UDWR]

Pocket Gophers

 Living With Pockets Gophers [USU Cooperative Extension]


 Welcome to Moose Country [WAU]

 Moose Insert Card [WAU]

Mule Deer

 Living With Mule Deer Flyer [WAU]

 Deer Awareness Brochure

 Mule Deer Biology & Ecology [UDWR][WAU]

Pets and Wildlife

 Dogs and Wildlife

 House Cats and Wildlife


 Living with Porcupines


 Living with Raccoons

 USU Cooperative Extension Raccoon Information Raccoon Sign, Identify

 Damage and Conflict Prevention

Red Foxes

 Living with Red Fox Flyer  [WAU]

 Learn the differences between the wild and domestic canids


 Living with Skunks

 USU Cooperative Extension Skunk Information


 Welcome to Snake Country Rack Card [WAU]

 Welcome to Snake Country Flyer [WAU]

 Venomous vs Non-Venomous Characteristics

 Utah’s Venomous Snakes

 Western Rattlesnake Biology and Ecology [UDWR]

 Snake Sign and Conflict Prevention

 Living with Non-Venomous Snakes

 Living with Venomous Snakes

 Utah’s Hogle Zoo Living with Predators Series: Snakes


 Turkey Safety Flyer

 Turkey Brochure